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  1. What are you currently listening to?
  2. What's your favorite music genre?
  3. What Your Favorite Audio Equipment?
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  18. The Macc Lads - The Crudest, Funniest Punk Band in Britain! (caution!)
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  20. Best heavy metal/hard rock ballad?
  21. Ryan Bingham Depression
  22. Black Eyed Peas @ Alton Towers Resort UK
  23. Music that makes you.. emotional
  24. Who Likes Surf Music?
  25. Do What You Know Best
  26. WTF Jack White
  27. 38 Special still rocks!
  28. The Crooner Thread
  29. Stone Roses Reunion
  30. DANZIG LEGACY (w/ Misfits and Samhain) - Halloween 2011
  31. Universal Censors Song Megaupload own "rights" to
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  33. Top 10 Albums of 2011 (From various reviewers)
  34. 80's Retro Meltdown
  35. Winners! Complete List From the 2012 Grammy Awards
  36. 25 Upsetting Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammy's
  37. Whats The Last Show You Have Seen
  38. Plan B's New Single
  39. For Goofy - The Who live at the Isle of Wight
  40. Behind the Beats | Episode One
  41. Like Your Old School Rap/Electro
  42. The Beatles 1st appearance on the Ed Sullivan show
  43. For the Guitarists - Words & Chords, Web links etc...
  44. My awesome friends
  45. This video deserves it's own topic.
  46. Songs used in Commercials
  47. This video deserves its own topic much more than that other video that supposedly deserved its own topic......... kinda thing
  48. If any video deserves its own topic, then it has to be this one
  49. Twisted - from the Dime archive
  50. How is Ticketmaster making this association in my account
  51. 12 unreleased Jimi Hendrix songs to debut March 5
  53. DJ Bunjy - Laid blak mashup
  54. Jimmy Buffett
  55. Jack White teaching The Edge & Jimmy Page "Seven Nation Army" riff
  56. What song are you currently sick of?
  57. A Band Sound that Typified the Late 60's and Early 70's
  58. The world's quietest room
  59. For Those Who Hate Rap
  60. An Open Letter to Taylor Swift
  61. Hair/Glam Metal of the 80's and 90's
  62. The PCS Playlist (Possible NSFW)
  63. Random guitar junk, interviews and stuff
  64. Music Trivia and Odd Facts
  65. Favorite Songs From Classic Rock Groups
  66. Are the Foo Fighters breaking up? Band releases video.
  67. question for the guitarists here
  68. The man who made Princes last guitar 2016
  69. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities (new stuff)
  70. Beastie Boys - Check Your Head Is 25 Today
  71. Watch the 12-Year-Old Son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo Play His First Show With Korn
  72. Appetite for Destruction at 30: Looking Back at the Album That Changed Everything
  73. The Unbelievable Story of the Most Expensive Record Ever Sold on Discogs
  74. Led Zeppelin to release unheard songs in 2018
  75. One note
  76. Bono Says Music 'Has Gotten Very Girly'
  77. Beat it
  78. Regarding the Led Zeppelin lawsuit
  79. Geoff Emerick - Producer & Engineer dead at 72 of a heart attack
  80. Keith Richards gives update on Rolling Stones’ next album and explains why the band still tour
  81. Your favorite movie soundtracks
  82. UMG (Universal) fire in 2008 destroys recording masters of 700+ artists - full extent only coming to light now...
  83. Tool Live 1996 The Glass House (REMASTERED)
  84. DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels
  85. Up All Night
  86. John Lennon's son Sean and Primus frontman Les Claypool team up to play some amazing psychedelic tunes.
  87. Elon musk is a published musician!
  88. Wanted: eccentric singer of dead languages to produce uncategorisable music
  89. Radio Garden
  90. Paul McCartney: John Lennon responsible for Beatles breakup
  91. Kid Rock - Don't Tell Me How To Live (Official Video) - ft. Monster Truck
  92. Klokwerk E - Boof it (Official Music Video)
  93. Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown Reportedly Plotting 2023 'Pantera' Tour
  94. Hans Zimmer performs Dune soundtrack live
  95. Lawsy - Hotel (This kid is a PIMP)
  96. The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  97. Afroman - Will You Help Me Repair My Door (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
  98. Depeche Mode "Just can't get enough" 1981
  99. Punk Rock Musician interview-Merle Allin
  100. The Real Rap Review By Matt Walsh