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Thread: UFC Fight Island: Octagon on the beach, world class facilities and the best fighters

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    UFC/MMA UFC Fight Island: Octagon on the beach, world class facilities and the best fighters

    By Joshua Peck - The Daily Star

    UFC president Dana White has spoken about plans to host fight shows on a ‘Fight Island’ with hopes of having it up and running in June.

    The rescheduled UFC 249 takes place this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, with three more shows expected this month.

    White plans to expand UFC are then expected to betaken to a whole new level with a proposed fight island with the chief saying: “Fight Island should be up and running in June. So I should be able to start running international events in June.”

    It is unknown as to where the island will be, though White has revealed that setting an Octagon up on the beach is possible.

    He added: “We really are putting an octagon on the beach. There's going to be training facilities there for people.

    “There are hotels. And the whole island is going to be built, all the infrastructure is going to be built for the UFC to come do fights there.”

    Top fighters are expected to fight at the complex, wherever it will be, with Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz both linked with potential bouts.

    The pair have already fought twice and McGregor is expected to fight again this summer having beaten Donald Cerrone in January.

    Indeed White has revealed that McGregor wants to fight on the island, saying: “Conor's been ready to fight for a while. He's in shape. He's ready to go.

    “First of all, 'Fight Island' is going to be very important in any of these fights that are happening with people from outside the country.

    “He and I were texting. He's asking me what date can I fight on 'Fight Island' and will there be fans. Conor's asking me, Conor wants to fight.

    “It kills me to do a fight with Conor without fans. Kills me. This guy's doing almost $20million gates.

    “We're not talking about a specific opponent but he wants to fight. He wants to fight, it sounds like he wants to fight in June and he's asking if there would be fans there.

    “There would not be fans and the fight would be either mid-June or end of June.”

    Tony Ferguson could also be set for a bout on the island though will first face Justin Gaethje this weekend.

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    Khabib.. Im not sure that guy can be beat.. Fuggin' Russians, you can beat them in the head over and over and they just wont go out..

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    outside of US regulations?

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