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Thread: Pink Floyd founder condemned for wearing SS officer uniform 'where Jews were deported by the Nazis'

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    Nazi Pink Floyd founder condemned for wearing SS officer uniform 'where Jews were deported by the Nazis'

    By Lindsay Kornick | Fox News

    Roger Waters, founder and former lyricist for the rock band Pink Floyd, came under fire for appearing in an SS uniform during a Berlin concert last week.

    Waters performed on May 17 at Germany's Mercedes-Benz Arena where, according to local journalists, a screen projected the words, "The show will start in 10 minutes and a court in Frankfurt has ruled that I am not an antisemite." It continued, "Just to be clear, I condemn antisemitism unreservedly."

    Despite this declaration, the night was filled with various amounts of offensive and antisemitic images. Most notably, after the concert’s intermission, Waters came onto the stage wearing an SS officer uniform complete with a red armband and a fake rifle. Behind him, an inflatable pig floated above the crowd with Third Reich-style banners with crossed hammers instead of swastikas.

    In addition, screens displayed various names of victims considered to be killed by state actors, including George Floyd, anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl and Mahsa Amini, the Iranian woman whose death while in the custody of the "morality police" sparked major protests.

    Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh being listed immediately before Holocaust victim Anne Frank drew particular outrage from Jewish and Israeli social media users, including the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    "Good morning to every one but Roger Waters who spent the evening in Berlin (Yes Berlin) desecrating the memory of Anne Frank and the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust," the State of Israel’s official Twitter account tweeted on Wednesday.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center also condemned the event and called for German authorities to prosecute Waters for invoking and distorting Holocaust images.

    "Shame on Frankfurt authorities and Mercedes Benz arena in Berlin — a place from where Jews were deported by the Nazis — for providing anti-Semite #RogerWaters this venue for his concert with no concern/care for the Jewish community," the center tweeted.

    It added, "Will Germany prosecute #RogerWaters for Holocaust distortion or will promoters rush to book the anti-Semite for more lurid 3-D anti-Israel + #Antisemitic hatefests masquerading as concerts?"

    Waters has previously been criticized and attacked for what many considered antisemitic attacks on both Israel and Judaism. In 2013, Waters performed a similar stunt by wearing a Nazi armband, firing a fake machine gun and using a pig-shaped balloon carrying symbols of dictatorial regimes along with the Star of David. By 2016, his act was condemned by Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham Foxman.

    Waters has also criticized the Russia-Ukraine war by claiming it was instigated by "extreme nationalists" in Ukraine provoking Russia. The backlash from that accusation led to Waters canceling concerts in Poland.

    His fellow former Pink Floyd bandmates have condemned Waters’ beliefs. In February, guitarist David Gilmour agreed with a Twitter post by his wife, author Polly Samson, that attacked Waters’ character.

    "Sadly @rogerwaters you are antisemitic to your rotten core. Also a Putin apologist and a lying, thieving, hypocritical, tax-avoiding, lip-synching, misogynistic, sick-with-envy, megalomaniac. Enough of your nonsense," Samson tweeted.

    "Every word demonstrably true," Gilmour replied.

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    Warning: The posts of this forum member may contain trigger language which may be considered offensive to some.

    Music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it.

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    I mean, it was determined that the majority of the diary of Anne Frank was written in ballpoint pen, which was not invented until after ww2. Like many other tall tales, its easily btfo by real facts, Otto simply wrote the preponderance of that work of fiction.

    and a "holocaust" is a jewish ritual whereby a sacrificial offering is wholly and completely burnt and offered to their (blood)god, this is their definition per the Pentatuch, although they dont yell about the blood part despite all of their clamoring for their religious rite of abortion on twitter. jews are who perform holocausts, strange as this may sound. the only "holocaust" that could potentially have taken place in ww2 is if a rabbi was dedicating the firebombings of dresden to their egregore, or hiroshima/nagasaki.

    we've already covered that the math does not work out and is exaggerated by minimum factor of 10, if we are to honor mathematics and what proper calculation implies

    zyklon b poisoning turns you totally red almost like a bad sunburn, it doesnt shrivel you up like typhus or starvation does.

    and a reminder that when the bolsheviks coup'd Russia in 1917, they tried the same in Germany, except they failed. what came thereafter was (as New York Times wrote) "Judea declares war on Germany" because the central banking fraud could not withstand a prominent country with honest currency - it is for this reason that Germany was economically destroyed and fractured apart. and it is a historical fact that the jews were waging this war in the 1920s and 1930s, specifically against Germany, likely as retaliation for them having prevented the communist takeover.

    same reason Khaddafi had his ass bayoneted, for his threat to the central banking cartels to give the gold to the people in the form of real money currency

    central banking fraud is hundreds of years long in its efforts and we're at the culminating point of all their efforts right now, both sides either have a spectacular victory, or absolute defeat. ww3 is the banks vs the plebes. if the banks win, all of history will continue to be rewritten until it is all but gone from the minds of the plebes.

    Bottom line, the word "holocaust" is simply inappropriate to use, if they wanted to be accurate they could have tried using the word Genocide, but that flies in the face of the jews who worked for the Brown Brothers for free to earn their trip to Itsreal. Many did not make it, many starved when the supply chains failed as ww2 wound down.

    but before anyone calls me antisemitic, just realize that my views are as always rather nuanced here and I've spoken plenty about how the central banksters are perfectly willing to sacrifice "lesser" jews and use them as pawns to advance their own agendas

    as evidenced by the IDF admission that they just indiscriminately bombed that rave

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