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Thread: Nashville Predators assist with fan's marriage proposal

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    Amazing Nashville Predators assist with fan's marriage proposal

    Viktor Arvidsson registered a huge assist before the Nashville Predators game even started.

    As the team walked out on to the ice, Arvidsson had a surprise for loyal fan Morgan Landsberg. He approached her, took off his right glove and revealed an engagement ring on his pinkie finger.

    It wasn't the Predators forward who was proposing, but rather Landsberg's boyfriend, Conor Payne, who had arranged for Landsberg's favorite player to deliver the ring.

    The plan worked perfectly, as shown in a video tweeted by the Predators.

    Arvidsson, who was showing off the ring to teammates Roman Josi and Matt Irwin beforehand, brought the diamond to Landsberg and when she turned around, she found Payne on one knee.

    "I was overwhelmed," Landsberg told "I wanted a picture with Viktor Arvidsson and I didn't even realize he was giving me a ring until I turned around. It was just, it was amazing. I had no idea."

    What inspired Payne to incorporate Arvidsson in the couple's special moment?

    "Originally, she kind of did. When we started dating she said it's always been a dream of hers to get proposed to at the Predators game," Payne told "Then, working with the team they really helped us out and kind of put things into place."

    Clearly surprised by Arvidsson's delivery, the bride-to-be was even more surprised when defenseman P.K. Subban, trailing Arvidsson in the line out to the ice, declared the cut of her diamond, a cushion cut, he deemed it, for the crowd to hear.

    Landsberg, still looking astonished, turned to see Subban who then shouted "Oh yea!" three enthusiastic times to quell any disbelief about the moment that was occuring before her eyes.

    "(Subban) said 'Say yes!" Landsberg said still laughing. "I love P.K.!"

    "(Subban) is a real character. We like him a lot," Payne said.

    After the team had passed the crowd, Landsberg gave a clear "yes" to the obvious question that had been asked by Payne. No word yet on if Arvidsson or Subban will be ushers or even co-best men at the nuptials.

    "We will send our thanks to (Arvidsson), that's for sure," Payne said. "A lot of thanks go to the Predators and everyone downstairs too."

    "This is amazing," Landsberg said. "I didn't expect it. I can't believe it happened, I just... I'm in shock. It was incredible."

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    Good thing she didn't say yes to her favorite player

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