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Thread: Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones will support next-generation WiFi

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    Android Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones will support next-generation WiFi

    By Kris Holt - endgadget

    Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 phones are set to support next-generation WiFi amid a broader expansion of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) availability this year. Three versions of the phone, including an S10+ and cheaper S10E, should be compatible with the standard, according to FCC filings Droid Life unearthed.

    The S10 lineup, which Samsung will assuredly unveil this month, will be among the first phones to offer WiFi 6. They'll likely use Qualcomm's WiFi 6-ready Snapdragon 855 chip, which you'll probably see in other flagship Android phones this year. If you don't have a WiFi 6 router, and not many of us do as yet, the S10s should at the very least provide a degree of future proofing for when you do upgrade your home internet hardware.

    WiFi 6 should provide sturdier, faster internet (particularly if you have a ton of connected devices in your home), while having less of a strain on your gizmos' batteries. Your devices will need to support it to get the most out of a WiFi 6 router, though.

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    Do they still have that cool light app?

    *where they start on fire in your pocket or when charging at night

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