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Thread: MacroDroid - Device Automation

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    Android MacroDroid - Device Automation

    Pretty cool little automation app. I was having problems getting notifications to be disabled when I'm listening to either music or podcasts in my car, without having to manually turn on and off the DnD mode on my phone. You would think that with all the streaming apps there are, there would be a simple and easy way to do it right on your phone, but there isn't. So I found this app and works pretty slick. You create templates of what you want your phone to do. You start with a trigger, then you tell it what action you want it to do, and then you can optionally add any constraints as to when the macro will actually run.

    So, I wanted mine to disable notifications (except ones I have listed as priority) any time my phone connects to a device by Bluetooth and a music/voice streaming app is being run. And then I wanted it to turn off the temporary DnD mode when it was done, regardless if the phone is connected by Bluetooth, except for when I have DnD scheduled to be on (which is at night). Here's what they look like:

    And you can literally configure almost any kind of macro you want. The app is free, but you will occasionally see ads when you are in the app, not any other time. And with the free version you are limited to 5 macros. If you need more than that, the paid version is $3.49 and it seems to be worth is so far (I'm using the free version still).

    It's pretty slick and if you need your phone to automatically do some things, this is an easy way to do it.

    Finally, an App That Makes Automating Android Tasks Easy

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