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Thread: Fat Activist, Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Comes Out As Anorexic

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBP View Post
    You may have the same ruminating anxieties as I. Social trends used to fade and self-correct. The pendulum would swing. But there are portions of this that are so ingrained, they aren't even questioned. That's just the way it is. So asking about the absurdity is like questioning if the sky is blue. I expected a return to sanity long ago, but no. Even a pandemic didn't change it; that tells you just how deep rooted it is. In the absence of a war on our soil? It's has to be parental and generational. But these people are breeding, so I am not sure.

    I don't see it as a mental health issue at all. There is an outcome to eliminating social limits. People have to police people. Societies have to have standards or there is no society. Once the "society" left the location and went to the cloud (among other reasons), there are no standards because everyone can exist in their thought bubble with the rest of the like-thinkers. We do it to an extent, that's why we have been here all this time.
    Once the "victims" realized they had the social justice mob on their side ready to "cancel" anyone who is even perceived to be whatever-ist, people policing people became impossible.
    Everyone has been separated into their own little bubbles shouting down anyone who dares to try to have a civil and constructive conversation.

    I saw a post on FB earlier asking if the Fed should end the unemployment bonus, anyone who DARED to say that the extra federal money was giving people incentive not to work was shouted down by hundreds of comments all saying "Well if they paid a living wage, people wouldn't have to stay on unemployment".

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    I want to crack people's heads together like coconuts when I hear "living wage"


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